Products of the Week – 12/9/16

Toy- Educational

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

My daughter received this as a gift for her first birthday party. Not only does she love it but so does her three year old brother. For my daughter I love that it helps with her fine motor skills as well as language development. She loves the songs and basically rocks out to this train all day. My older son, who is learning letters and phonics, enjoys being able to identify the letters and hear what sounds they make.  Each letter also has an example of a word that the letter begins with (it does the long and short sounds for vowels). He even uses the letters to spell out words on the fridge!

Just for Fun

Elf on the Shelf

It’s December 9th so if you’re just considering this you might be a bit late. BUT hey- if you’re desperate for your kid to start behaving during Christmas break, you might want to get yourself an Elf.  Add a little story about how “Buddy the Elf” got a bit lost on his way to your house this year, and your set. I recommend this product for kids, ages three and up (or until whenever your kid doesn’t believe in Santa). Last year when I bought it, my two year old son really enjoyed seeing “Pickles” in new and exciting places each morning, but he didn’t entirely understand the concept. This year has been a whole new ball game. Not only is he excited to see where our elf will be, he is also behaving when I mention Pickles is watching his naughty choices. If you have a three year old, besides wine, this is your holiday season’s new best friend. Saying goodbye to “Pickles” will be just another reason to mourn the reality that is December 26th.


iPad Kids Case, Snugg

Traveling to Grandma’s for Christmas?  Need entertainment for the flight/drive? We can’t wait to review plenty of educational, engaging and non screen toys here at Out and About Friends, but today…that is not the case (see what I did there? wink :P). We live in 2016, almost 2017, and that means screen time is a part of many of our lives.  Screens don’t have to be the enemy if we choose the correct content and limit the amount of time our kiddos spend on them. All this being said, if your child has a device priced higher than a year’s worth of Starbucks in their hands, you need to make sure it is protected. I have a THREE YEAR OLD.  He is all kid: he throws, slams, runs, jumps and tries to destroy anything that comes in his path. Caveat- my one year old GIRL is the exact same way, so I want that case to make the iPad LAST. We have been on more than 15 flights (including international) as well as several road trips with this case and it has protected our iPad so much that there is not even one scratch. I seriously cannot recommend this product enough for anyone who allows their littles to touch their Apple product. It’s even great for Mama when you’re delirious from no sleep and binging on Parenthood while nursing at 3AM.


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