Product Review- 12/15/2016

Melissa & Doug On The Go Water Wow!

Do the kids in your life love art? This product must have been developed by a mom, because it is all fun and very little mess. The Melissa & Doug On The Go Water Wow! allows kids to paint with minimal supervision. Paint in the car, on Grandma’s nice table cloth, on an airplane; virtually anywhere!  Yes, it’s that awesome!  Just fill the brush with water and off they “paint” on the reusable pages. Yes, I said reusable! As the water dries, the colors fade away and the pages become completely blank again- ready for another use. All of the fun of painting, with none of the mess! Can I get an amen? Put this in your bag (it’s thin and small enough to actually fit in your bag too!!) for all of your holiday travels and enjoy!

 Toysmith 9” Cosmic Raywand

At every birthday and Christmas, I wonder what toy is going to be the big hit. Sometimes, it is the big ticket item.  More often than not, it is the last minute or random gift you think is cute but nothing amazing. The Cosmic Raywand was a last minute add, and a hit with my children. Both my one and three year old LOVE IT. My one-year-old loves banging it on the ground to watch the lights come on, which is great to support cause and effect development. The three-year-old uses it as a microphone to sing her heart out to Fancy  (any 90’s Reba fans?)!

Little Partners Learning Tower

Still looking for a great “big” gift to get your little on your list? This guy is a staple in our home. Ever since my kids realized that I cook in the kitchen, they have wanted to help. The Learning Tower gets them to counter level, in a safe way. We use ours at least twice EVERYDAY, for both kids!! Technically they can both fit in it comfortably, but sharing is still a growth area in our home. Yes, the tower is big. Yes, it is pricey. However, it will make your kids feel more independent, allow them to help make their own food and possibly save you from whining around breakfast/lunch/dinner time. The product is sturdy and well-made! The Learning Tower is one of the best investments we have ever made!!


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