What? Buc-ee’s

Where? Several located throughout Texas

Cost? Varies based on purchases

If you haven’t read our About Us Page yet, you might be confused as to why in the world I’m writing a review on a gas station. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I thought this was a blog about cool places to take my kids”. Rest assured my friend, it is. As we stated on our home page, our goal is to help other parents out: help them find new places, make their lives easier, and just simply help a friend out. I don’t know how much more help a friend could be than by scoping out an awesome place to stop and let my kid go potty in a clean bathroom and with some unique food options. Score!

It’s the holiday season, which inevitably means you’re probably traveling with your kids. Whether your child is in diapers, currently potty training or already potty trained but still has to go to the bathroom after 5 minutes in (yep, I’m talking to everyone) you’ll want to listen up.

SIDE NOTE: Potty trainers- you’re going to need more than one stop on your travels, and sometimes there won’t be any options at all. Take a travel potty with you!! I love this one and keep it in my car for emergencies for my three-year-old.

If you’re driving North or South in Texas chances are, you’re on a highway that has a Buc-ee’s. If you are, I highly recommend making this your pit stop- even if it’s not exactly half way through your route to Grandma’s.

Reasons why-

  1. CLEAN BATHROOMS- and plenty of them. The one I visited in North Fort Worth had over 25 stalls in the ladies room alone!
  2. Changing tables- not that many gas stations have a changing table and even if they do…GROSS. They are clean at Buc-ee’s, just like the toilets.
  3. Food options- Yes, they have your typical road trip snacks (my personal guilty pleasure is Haribo Gummi Bears) but they also have both made to order deli and pre-made sandwiches, fresh fruit, cheeses, roasted nuts, and amazing hand-made fudge. I am not a fan of fast food, so to me, this is a better on-the-road option than fried chicken or burgers.
  4. Amazing gifts- Headed to your relatives house and forgot a gift for your Uncle? Mom’s dog? New baby niece? Do not worry! Buc-ee’s gift shop has it all. With brands like MudPie, Melissa and Doug and SUESPORT (maker of the amazing Horse Hopper Kit), this gas station can rival any cute toy shop. The one-stop shop also has a home decor, clothing, pet, outdoor, camping and tailgating section with a plethora of gifts and goodies for anyone on your list.
  5. Buc-ee’s branded products- When you walk into the sprawling store, the yellow and red label boasting an adorably cute Beaver will engulf your eyes. Rows and rows of homemade candies, nuts, jams, popcorn, salsas, stuffed animals, cups, shirts, boxers, pajamas…you get the picture. Did I mention how adorable that cute little Beaver is?

Your Out and About Friend,


Are you taking a road trip over the holidays? If so, where are you favorite pit stops?

The Gist

Time and day we visited? 3:00 PM Monday

Level of crowds? Low

Restrooms?  Yes!!!!

Cleanliness of Bathroom? Excellent

Recommended age? All

Food Options? Yes

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? No

Stroller friendly? Yes

Safety concerns? No

Coupons? No


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