Product Review- 12/30/2016


Fisher Price Think ; Learn Code-A-Pillar Gift Set

My tech-savvy Aunt from Silicon Valley bought this for my 3-year-old this Christmas and I must say- it was a major hit. I hadn’t heard about this toy yet, but came to find out, it was awarded one of the best toys according to Oppenheim’s Toy Portfolio. The learning toy is geared at ages 3-6, so my son is at the entry age. He mostly understands (with a little coaching, supervision and help at the start) how to play with the code-a-pillar he so aptly nicknamed, “Cody”. I love this toy because it teaches kids how to sequence as well as cause and effect (essentially coding skills). Fair warning: it is loud and there is no feature to mute or lower the volume. Also, it does work on carpet but runs faster and easier on tile or hard surfaces.

Just for Fun

Giggle Wiggle Game

My son is obsessed with Paw Patrol at the moment and sadly, Nickelodeon doesn’t save the commercials until the end of the show so he has been exposed to the never ending world of toys and gadgets for sale. Most toys or games don’t seem too interest him, but one commercial in particular caught his attention and kept it for over a month. He begged and begged for this game! Come Christmas, Giggle Wiggle was under the tree. I highly expected the toy to break or be a big disappointment. To my son’s and my delight, it is actually pretty awesome. The game is challenging but not impossible for a young audience, can allow up to four players but can also be played alone, and doesn’t take any set up. (Pssst- you don’t even need to read the rule book! Super simple- my kind of game to play with a toddler!) The goal is to get all of your color marbles in the hands of the caterpillar as he wiggles and spins.  It is so much fun! My warning for this game: the marbles are small and thus a choking hazard. We don’t play this game when my one-year-old is around. She would most definitely try to eat them.


IPOW Car Safety Antiskid Hammer Seatbelt Cutter Emergency Class/Window Punch Breaker Auto Rescue Disaster Escape Life-Saving Hammer Tool

Many of us have been traveling around this holiday season with our ‘precious cargo’ and it is basically impossible not to think about road safety. We worry about our car seats being safe, our cars having air bags, and not texting and driving. All of these things are great but what if we do get into an accident? What then? This tool is in both mine and my husband’s car. Though we haven’t had to use it (thank God), I feel so much better with it in our consoles. In the event of an accident, you can use this tool to immediately get out by cutting a seat belt or car seat belt instead of unbuckling. There is also a glass breaker hammer in the event you need to bust open your car window. Listen, we don’t like to even think about this stuff, but it’s just better to be safe than sorry. Be safe out there this weekend!

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