The Happy Lark

What? The Happy Lark

Where? 5816 S Hulen Street Fort Worth TX, 76132

Cost? $10-12 for drop in $35-40 for monthly membership (plus taxes)

The Happy Lark is nestled in a shopping mall in South Hulen behind a Wal-Mart and next to a Sally Beauty Supply (go on- grab your favorite nail polish and dry shampoo before you head next door). The modest entrance to this playscape does not do it justice. Once inside, you are greeted by a bright and modern gift shop full of unique, well made and thoughtful toys, games, books and clothes. Seriously, bring Grandma with you because this place will have you wanting to buy everything (and it’s not cheap). I ended up buying a couple Mini Mats and love them! Annnnd ‘Santa’ may have promised the Teeter Popper as a bribe to get my son out of the store without a mega toddler meltdown. 

At this point, you can leave and take your awesome goodies home or you can stay to play! The owners of this store designed it to be a store AND playscape. You can shop at anytime without paying the additional fees to play. If you are staying to play (which you should), you can pay a $10 drop in fee for one child or $12 if you have more than one. If you are close by, consider buying a monthly membership for a discounted rate. You will then need to fill out a waiver and kindly be asked to remove your shoes. I LOVED this!! Everywhere should ask you to remove your shoes when you have babies crawling around on the floor. Friends, I’m a bit of a GERMAPHOBE if I’ve never mentioned.

The open room has several different areas with stimulating, new, and engaging toys and apparatuses to climb and play with. Both my one and three year old found the playscape entertaining and exciting for about an hour a half. Not only are the toys great for the kids but parents will love this place too. They have FREE coffee…you heard me…FREE coffee! Now you’re sold right? In addition, they have a cozy nursing room, two bathrooms which include changing tables and step stools for the sink (why is this such a novel idea for places that cater to children??!) and a party room in case you want to host a birthday party here.

Overall, I highly recommend checking this spot out if you want to play or shop…or BOTH.

Your Out and About Friend,


What’s your favorite shade of nail polish? Mine is OPI’s Dutch Tulips

The Gist

Time and day we visited- Monday, November 2016

Level of crowds- Low

Restrooms: Yes

Changing Table: Yes

Cleanliness of Bathroom: Excellent

Food Options- No

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? Drinks okay

Stroller friendly- Not needed

Staff supervision provided: Yes, but play is at your own risk

Safety concerns- standard playground safety concerns

Indoor or outdoor: Indoor

Age appropriate level(s): infant-4 years old

Parking: Ample and free

Cleanliness: Excellent

Shade: Yes- completely indoors

Condition of equipment: Excellent

Good for parties? Yes, private party room available for booking

What should I bring with me? They’ve got it all covered!

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