Product Review 1/20/17


Best safety product:

Mommy’s Helper Jamb Door Stoppers


I recently moved and this product was one of the very first items we installed. I have learned that not all kids need as much baby-proofing as mine, but if your kids are total monkeys like mine, this will be right up your alley. With these door stoppers there is no more playing with those loud, annoying and ‘dangerous’ metal springs popping out of all your walls. Honestly, both of my kids love to play with traditional door stoppers and I found it funny and cute when my oldest first discovered them as a baby. However, about five minutes later, he played with them a bit more aggressively. The little white plastic top popped off and he put it into his mouth. (Insert panic!) Luckily, I was watching him closely and was able to retrieve it before it went down his throat. Ever since that day I have looked at those spring door stoppers as a choking accident waiting to happen. This product is super easy to install, reasonably priced, and come in three colors to match your baseboards: brown, almond, and white.

Best Book:

Calm Down Time, by Elizabeth Verdick


Today is Election Day. No matter your political stance, today is a historic day filled with a myriad of emotions.  I think we call all agree on one thing: the advice in this book is spot on: “Count 1, 2, 3…I’m taking care of me! It’s time to calm down.” All jokes aside, this book is so simple, and a great way to help a toddler learn how to cope with big emotions. Not only is it helpful for the child, but it is also helpful for parents. It gives simple ideas and tips at the back to try on your child. I know for some of us, reading parenting books is a lofty allusion that sits on our nightstand as we pass out at 9PM from sheer exhaustion. This book really does break it down to a toddler level and helps them to find several ways on how to manage their emotional outbreaks.

Best gift for your best friend who saves your life at least 29 times a day:

Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling


Once again it’s Election Day. Some may need a little cheering up. Some might want a swear book coloring book, and others might need to color the many adorable faces of Ryan Gosling. We all love a good joke gift around here. After all, laughter is the best medicine…as well as a Girl’s Night Out watching the Golden Globe winning movie, La La Land. (I dare you not to leave the theatre whistling and shuffling your feet after this dreamy movie.) 



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