Products for a Rainy Day

We love to get out and about, but sometimes you just want to, or have to, stay home. Maybe even for days in a row! Having a few things on hand that are quick and easy can save you from, “Mom, there is NOTHING to do!!”  Here are the most typical items that our kids LOVE to play with, but you might not have thought about using as toys.

  1. Solo Cups– these have been a hit with my kids since they were able to grab things. Grab, stack, throw, kick, build.  The options are endless.
  2. Cardboard Boxes (paper towel boxes from Amazon are some of the best!) The packaging box you received that awesome new toy in, is sometimes the only thing the kid actually wants to play with. Order something from Amazon, give your kiddo a marker, and then let them sit in the box and color it.
  3. Tissue paper or Crepe paper– Is it a mess? Absolutely.  Do they love tearing, crunching, wading, throwing and sailing this stuff? Fo sho.
  4. Spray bottles– For some reason, kids love to use spray bottles! Add a little food coloring (or don’t) to water, fill a spray bottle and head outside. There is no telling how long your kiddo will love to spray the whole wide world with water.
  5. A bucket on a rope– Have a tree? Get a bucket, tie a rope to the handle and hang it over a tree branch.  Funny things will ensue as your kid tries to figure out what to do with it. Don’t have a tree? Skip the rope and get a bucket. We currently have a bucket full of leaves, a few balls, a princess, a couple crayons and a few rocks in our backyard.
  6. Dot stickers– these things are the best! I give my kids a few sheets, some blank paper, and they are entertained for at least 20 minutes. Do I find dots for days? Possibly.
  7. Freezer paper– A huge role is so inexpensive! It’s makes for a ton of painting, coloring and sticker stinking paper fun.
  8. Carbona– This isn’t something for your kids to play with, but I just want to help a mama out. STAINS are the worst.  Pizza? Spaghetti? Grass? BLUEBERRIES?! This stuff will be your best friend. Find the one for your type of stain and bam! Wearable clothes again.

What everyday items do you have on hand that turn into awesome toys?


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