SEA LIFE Aquarium, Grapevine

What? Sea Life Aquarium

Where? Grapevine Mills Mall Entrance 5

3000 Grapevine Mills Parkway Grapevine, Texas 76051 

Cost? Adults 13+ $20, Kids 3-12 $16, 2-under FREE

(see coupon link below section for lots of discounts!)

We live in Texas which means in February it might be snowing or it could be 80 degrees outside. The weather and our children can be unpredictable so sometimes it’s nice to go to a place where we know exactly what to expect. SeaLife Aquarium is an excellent place to visit with kids on a hot, rainy, cold or heck- just any old day when you want to stay indoors but get out of the house. Not only is the aquarium fun, it is also educational and there are a lot of enriching exhibits that can help teach your littles ones (and you) on the wonders of the ocean. I mean check out this amazing octopus.

As a fun activity, I watched Finding Nemo and Finding Dory with my toddler before we went. As we went through the aquarium, we identified as many animals as we could find from the movie with a little chart I made. I literally cut out pictures from the Internet and glued them onto a sheet of paper. No Pinterest needed! We checked off all the sea animals we could find and labeled them with the character’s name as well as the animal’s actual name.

Ex: Hank, Octopus (except Hank is actually a septapus because he only has seven tentacles as my astute 3-year-old pointed out)


The exhibits are exciting, clean and colorful which definitely sparked the attention of my little ones. There are several different habitats that showcase a plethora of ocean species. My son especially enjoyed the sea turtles. There is also an area where you can touch starfish and coral which was exciting. My favorite part was the aquarium tunnel you walk through where sharks are literally over your head. Heads up, there is an indoor playground right before the exit so make sure you allot time for that (because no one wants a toddler melt down at the end of a fun trip).

My children loved being able to see all of the fish and animals (even in a stroller). This particular aquarium gets two thumbs up from me for being super stroller friendly. Not only is it easy to push a stroller through without tons of heavy doors and barriers, but it is also easy for your kids to see the fish without getting them out of their stroller. I hate going to places where I have to unstrap my children to let them see the animals (because I have the kids that WILL NOT go back in). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pushed around an empty stroller because my kiddo wants to walk as soon as I let him out. Luckily, I’ve discovered the Baby Jogger Glider Board which has made life with my adventurous toddler so much easier when we visit places like this.


SEA LIFE is located within Grapevine Mills Mall which houses several stores, restaurants, a movie theatre and LegoLand. You can buy an annual pass which includes unlimited entry to the SEA LIFE Grapevine for a year, monthly special events, 10% off retail purchases in the SEA LIFE Grapevine Shop, and discounts on renewal prices. Check out Toddler Tuesdays (kids under 4 years) and receive one adult and two toddler tickets for just $15!

Your Out and About Friend,


What’s your favorite sea animal? 

Mine is definitely a dolphin. (They don’t have those here)

The Gist

Day and time we visited:  Thursday 10:00 AM 

Level of crowds– Low

Restrooms:  Yes

Changing Table: Yes

Cleanliness of Bathroom: Excellent

Recommended age: All

Food Options: Yes- in the Mall/ No food in the actual aquarium 

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? No

Stroller friendly– Yes

Staff supervision provided: Yes- SeaLife Staff on site

Safety concerns- No

Recommend going again? Yes

Type of animals or exhibits: Aquarium

Additional parks within? Yes, indoor playground at the end of the exhibit

Member discounts or deals? Yes- annual membership is available at entry gate or online

Indoors– entirely indoors

Non Field trip days? No (field trips can be booked M-F)

Gift Shop– Yes

Coupons/Discounts– also check your mail and magazines as they send out coupons all the time for 4 adults for $12!

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