Texas Tulips

What? Texas Tulips

Where? 10656 FM2931 Pilot Point, TX 76258

Cost? $3 entrance fee (1 and under free), $2.50 per tulip, Free Parking

Ever want to visit Holland to see a tulip farm in full bloom? Me too! Don’t worry friends, thanks to Pieter and Petra Koeman, you need only head to Pilot Point. The Koeman’s are a lovely family who immigrated to Texas to start their business after leaving their 80 acre tulip farm in Holland. The family settled in the sleepy country town of Pilot Point and now every spring they bring a little piece of Europe to Texas.

As you approach the farm you’ll be amazed to see rows and rows of gorgeous color. Bright reds, happy yellows, deep purples and just about every color under the rainbow (almost 30 different types)litter the sprawling countryside. Do not forget your camera for this trip and make sure you’ve got some cute clothes on your kiddos. So many photo opportunities! Speaking of photo opps- if you want to book a professional photographer, you may. The entrance fee is $25 and $3 for each additional person.

What you need to know! It’s a long drive (for some) so be prepared. There are not a ton of potty stops along the country road so it may be a good idea to have your “emergency potty” on hand. Be aware there is a lot of construction on University Drive (if you’re coming from Fort Worth you’ll experience this problem). We sat in horrible traffic at a non-peak time for over 20 minutes to go about 5 miles. Besides this, the drive is actually quite lovely.

If it’s been raining it’s going to be muddy. They do have mud covers for your shoes but be aware, the mud can get THICK. Do not wear nice shoes. I repeat, do NOT WEAR NICE SHOES. While we are talking about mud, this is a good time to mention strollers and wheelchairs are a no-go at this place. If you have non walkers, make sure you bring a baby carrier to keep your hands free for all the photos you’ll be taking.

For the kids they have a small hay maze, tractor and snacks. They provide baskets for you to pick tulips you’d like to purchase. Make sure you monitor your kids so that they do not go picking all the flowers they want. It can really add up! Once you’ve collected all the tulips you’d like to purchase (not mandatory by the way) you take them to the register and they’ll wrap them up in a beautiful bouquet.

I went on February 22nd this year but two years ago I went in March and the difference was considerable. Don’t wait too long to go visit but in my opinion February is too early to enjoy the full beauty of these blooms. (See pics below for comparisons)

March 2015
February 2017

Don’t forget to pack: towels (it can get muddy), sunscreen (there is practically no shade), change of shoes (in case it’s muddy), hats, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and your camera. 

Your Out and About Friend,


What’s your favorite color tulip? Mine is Ganders Rhapsody

The Gist

Time and day we visited? Wednesday 2PM

Level of crowds? Low

Restrooms? Yes (porta potty)

Cleanliness of Bathroom? See above…cringe…but actually they weren’t terrible

Recommended age? All

Food Options? Limited snacks for purchase

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? No, but small snacks okay

Stroller friendly? No

Wheelchair accessible? No

Safety concerns? No

Coupons? No

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