The Artisan Center Theater- Children’s Stage

*This review ONLY applies to the Children’s Theater portion of The Artisan. Keep an eye out for future reviews of the Main and Second Stage.*

What? The Artisan Center Theater– Children’s Stage

Where? 444 E Pipeline Rd, Hurst,Texas

Cost?    Children (12 and under)  $7

Adults / Seniors $11

Group rates are available for groups of 15 and up.

The Artisan is a hidden theatrical gem in DFW. I say hidden, because I had never even heard its name before a neighbor introduced me to the theater. My oldest daughter (3) has a strong affinity (that’s fancy for really like 😉) for all things spectacularly fancy. Her love for sparkle is common knowledge in our neighborhood, so my sweet neighbor asked if we had tickets to Fancy Nancy the Musical. Fancy Nancy the Musical?! We were all in!


The first thing that caught my attention when checking out the website was the ticket price.  An adult ticket and a children’s ticket for $18 for a live performance was perfect for our budget! I also did a quick check of the future Children’s Stage performances and was really excited about the line up.

On the day of the show, I was unsure about dress code because I had never attended a community theater before. I chose a casual dress and my daughter dressed up like Fancy Nancy. We fit it perfectly! Some patrons dressed super in traditional theater attire, and others in jeans and t-shirts.


The theater itself is in a basic shopping center and could be easy to miss, so keep your eyes open. Once inside, there is a small concession stand that sells drinks, sweets and popcorn. Cash is easiest, but cards can be run at the box office for your concession purchases.  The seating in the theater is pretty tight and intimate with the actors, so be mindful of what you purchase.


After grabbing some popcorn and a restroom break, we sat in our seats. The Artisan is a community theater-in-the-round, so the audience surrounds the stage area. The seating is a bit tight, so be sure to potty before take your seat.  There is a fun raffle at the beginning of every show for free tickets. We filled out our form and waited. At about 5:10, about 10 minutes late which didn’t seemed like the norm, the director came out, introduced herself and did the drawing. We didn’t win (bummer!) but two sweet families each received 2 free tickets for a future show!


Once the show began, the energy was fantastic. My little one LOVED seeing the actors up close and personal. This show was acted by high school kids and they did a great job! Was it perfect, no. Was it perfectly wonderful? YES!


When the show ended, we clapped to our heart’s content and then the actors left. My daughter asked about 15,000 times between the time we stood up and the time we reached the exit if we could return someday soon. At the exit was a pleasant surprise: the actors greet the audience as you leave! It was a great time to take a selfie with my daughter’s favorites from the show and express our love of their performance.

Overall, we had a lovely time and cannot wait to return. We might even check out their acting classes for kids!

Your Out and About Friend,


What is your favorite upcoming show for The Artisan Children’s Stage?

The Gist

Time and day we visited? Friday evening, 5:00pm

Level of crowds? The theater was full, but not uncomfortably crowded.  Just a bunch of kiddos and their parents!

Restrooms? Yes, mens and womens

Cleanliness of Bathroom? Great

Recommended age? 3 (or the age where your child will enjoy sitting through a 1 hour show) and up.

Food Options? Yes, snacks and drinks

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? No

Stroller friendly? No

Safety concerns? None


They offer special promotional pricing for these groups:

  • Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts
  • Smaller Homeschool Groups
  • School Theatre Groups

Small and large group rates available as well!

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