Dinosaur World

What? Dinosaur World

Where? 1058 Park Road 59 Glen Rose, TX 76043

Cost? $12.75 for adults, $10.75 (60+), $9.75 (3-12), Free (under 3)

Do you have a dinosaur lover in your family? If the answer is yes, you must make a road trip to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, the Dinosaur Capital of Texas. Any mega dino fan isn’t going to bat an eye over silly teacups when they realize they can walk among 150 life sized dinosaurs right here in Texas! The park might be a far drive for many of our readers but just slap on the Adele playlist (seriously that woman’s voice knocks my kids out after about one minute in) and hit the road at your kiddos nap time. When they wake up they’ll be in the Land Before Time. 

I found this place as a happy accident. I was actually trying to go to the Dinosaur Valley State Park (also worth a visit) with my family when we spotted the huge Jurassic Park like entrance to Dinosaur World. We decided we’d just check it out before heading to the State Park. Once we went inside we realized this was going to be more than a quick visit, not to mention way more exciting for the little ones.

The park is set up in different areas. First you walk through a massive gift shop. You can find anything dinosaur here! From shirts and figurines to dino party supplies and even dinosaur cookie cutters. Amazing! In the gift shop you pay for your entrance and can also add on items such as a $1 bag of fish food (buy the food!), $2 for the Fossil Dig (if you’re over 12, it’s free for the kids) and a bag of gems for the Dino Gem Excavation (bags range $8-12 but you get to keep them).

After you walk in, there are several different areas to explore.  The Museum to the left, the Dino Gem Excavation and Dinosaur Walking Trail straight ahead, and then the Fossil Dig and playground to the right. The choice is up to you where to start. I personally started at the Museum (after a pit stop to the potty- it’s a far drive out there). The Museum has some interesting artifacts and animatronic dinosaurs and it is inside for a nice cool down on a hot day. The Dinosaur walk was my son’s (and my) favorite part of the park. You walk on a paved path, perfect for strollers or wheelchairs, to see life sized dinosaur species. There is a fact plate about each species, most of which I never knew existed. The trail itself is beautiful and natural which any non dinosaur lover in your party can even appreciate. Our favorite spot along the trail was the watering hole where you can feed the fish as you gaze among these gentle giants towering in the sky. If you go on a slow day you can really get the sense of what it was like to be in prehistoric times. Very impressive! Once you exit the walk, you are greeted by two very enticing playgrounds. One is for younger kiddos and one is for a bit older kids. Both playgrounds, in my opinion, are fantastic and kept my little guy going for over an hour. Make sure you leave time to do the Gem Excavation and Dino Dig. We played a little too long on the playground to do both so we had to do them first thing the next time we went. They are worth your time!


Make sure you pack a lunch and snacks because the major bummer about this place is they do not serve food and there are not a lot of food options in Glen Rose, Texas. For us, it takes about an hour and a half to get there, so of course food is a MUST HAVE. They do have lots of shaded picnic tables around the playground though so just plan to make an entire day and pack the Yeti cooler.

Your Out and About Friend,


What’s your favorite dinosaur? Mine is the Triceratops. Who doesn’t love Sarah from The Land Before Time?

The Gist

Day and time we visited: Monday 10 AM, 2016

Level of crowds– Low

Restrooms: Yes

Changing Table: Yes

Cleanliness of Bathroom: Good

Recommended age: All

Food Options: No

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? Yes

Stroller friendly– Yes

Staff supervision provided: Yes

Safety concerns- No

Recommend going again? Yes

Type of animals or exhibits: Dinosaur Amusement Park

Additional parks within? Yes

Member discounts or deals? No

Shade? Some- mostly outdoors

Non Field trip days? No

Gift Shop– Yes

Coupons/Discounts- Yes

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