Family Place Libraries

Family Place Libraries

What? Family Place Libraries


Arlington Public Library – SouthEast Branch

Burleson Public Library*

Crowley Public Library*

Denison Public Library

City of Grand Prairie Main Library

South Irving Library

Kennedale Public Library*

Mansfield Public Library*

Harrington Library (Plano)

Pottsboro Area Public Library*

Watauga Public Library*

Nicholas P. Sims Library* (Waxahachie)

* Family Place Library core components are in development

Cost? Free

This review is very different than our usuals. Instead of reviewing just one place, we’d like to share a wonderful opportunity at many different libraries around the DFW area!

When my first daughter was born, I couldn’t wait to do Mommy and Me type activities. After a little research, I found most activities and places did not have anything available for kids younger than 6 months. By 3 months, this mama (as you can imagine from the title of our blog was getting stir CRAZY. I wanted somewhere to go where people wouldn’t look at me funny if my infant cried, other than Buy Buy Baby. Was this really too much to ask?

Our local library saved my sanity. My daughter was still too young for Library time, but Watauga Public Library was (and is) super conducive to young children. Now, our library is getting even better! Side note: Watauga Public LIbrary is not the closest library to my house, but definitely my FAVORITE. If you live anywhere near here, check. them. out!

My first introduction to Family Place libraries was the huge sign that now hangs near a new section of awesome baby toys. After a little googling of Family Place Libraries, I found a wonderful description:

“Family Place Libraries™ is a network of children’s librarians nationwide who believe that literacy begins at birth, and that libraries can help build healthy communities by nourishing healthy families.”  (

Family Place Libraries are obviously all slightly different from one another, but have common “Core Components”.  Get ready to find a welcoming space for parents and young children alike, with great books and materials for children from birth. These are not the type of libraries where talking is forbidden and touching books is off limits! Librarians at Family Place Libraries are trained to support and help encourage literacy from birth on, and they are passionate about this.

Another benefit to a Family Place Library is the 5-week workshops to encourage and support parents. From bringing in community agencies you might not be aware of, to wonderful training workshops and speakers, be prepared to learn something new! Watauga Public Library’s workshops can be found on their Facebook page, but don’t hesitate to contact the library you are interested in. They will have all the scheduling information you need!

Developing libraries might not have all components in place at this time, but they will. No doubt the librarians spearheading the endeavor to meet the requirements would love to hear your interest.

Local libraries are you friend, and these are even friendlier. Enjoy them!

Your Out and About Friend,


What is your favorite library?

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