Bicentennial Park

What? Bicentennial Park

Where? 450 W. Southlake Boulevard Southlake, TX 76092

Cost? Free!

In general, this is my favorite outdoor park in DFW. Granted, I haven’t been to ALL of them, and each park has a its own special reason for being awesome. But overall, if I had to tell an out-of-towner where the best park is in DFW- it’s here! Affectionately known as “Dragon Park” in my family, we visit happily and often.

The dragon’s eye greeting you as you walk up to the playground’s entrance

Why I love the park…

Location, location, location. Bicentennial Park is located in an accessible and convenient area, right off 1709. Its central location makes it the perfect meeting spot for friends located throughout DFW. The park is also close to Southlake Town Square if you’re looking to make a day of shopping and dining afterwards.

The Layout. Due to the fact that this is Southlake’s largest park and there are other attributes to the site (baseball, tennis, The Marq Southlake– just to name a few) there is ample parking. The closest lot to the playground can get full quickly if it is a beautiful day or weekend, so after parking you may have to walk a small distance on a paved sidewalk (consider bringing the stroller if you’ve got multiple young ones). The sidewalk backs up to the baseball fields and gated playground. Yes, I said GATED. One of my main reasons for loving this park is that it is totally enclosed. When you’ve got more than one kid, and they go in opposite directions, its nice to know there is only one exit and entrance.

Bicentennial Park is truly a park for all ages. The space is divided into different areas:  sand pit, toddler play area, large climbing structure, splash pad and dragon water feature, older kid play area, music cave area, zip line and swings area, and (finally) pavilion/picnic area. The playground is very large and the play structures are new, original, exciting and well kept.

Bathrooms. Why all parks don’t have bathrooms is beyond my comprehension. I actually try to avoid as many parks as possible with no restrooms now that my son is potty trained. I’ll admit I’ve always got my kiddos car seat saver emergency travel potty , change of clothes, and undies on hand at all times due to a rather messy incident at a park with no restroom. YIKES! No need to worry at this location because the restroom is large and even has a changing table and water fountain.

IMG_2776 2IMG_1587IMG_1580IMG_1585

Beat the Heat! Let’s face it, the unbearably hot weather is quickly approaching. I love to be outside but sometimes it’s just not fun (or safe) to go outside in Texas. Thankfully, the architects of this park accounted for the summer months and built a splash zone and water feature that transports water to several areas of the park. Make sure you bring a towel, swimsuit (or change of clothes), wet bag, sunscreen, water shoes and (my new best friend for the summer) Sunburn Alert Body Stickers

Your Out and About Friend,


The Gist

Indoor or outdoor: Outdoor

Age appropriate level(s): 0-12

Parking: Ample and onsite, however the closest lot can fill up quickly

Cleanliness of park: Excellent

Picnic Benches: Yes

Restroom: Yes, adjacent

Changing Table: Yes

Pavilion: Yes

Shade: Some tree coverage and under the pavilion

Condition of equipment: Excellent

Swings: Baby swings, regular swings, fully accessible, saucer swings and a zipline

Fenced in or open: Fenced in

Good for parties? Yes

What should I bring with me? During the summer months there is a splash pad as well as a large water feature (around the dragon statue) so make sure you come prepared with swim clothing and water shoes (or just a change of clothes). Additionally, the sand pit can get muddy with the water feature nearby as well.

Other: Bring sand/water toys for the sand pit if you have a sand lover! Be aware that this park is next to several baseball fields so during baseball season the parking lot, bathrooms and general space can become quite busy.


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