Chuck E. Cheese’s- Fort Worth

What? Chuck E. Cheese‘s

Where? 9121 North Fwy, Fort Worth, TX 76131

Cost? Visit here for deals (be sure to check for deals in your specific location)

I have very little childhood experience with Chuck E. Cheese’s, a chain of kid’s entertainment venues, “Where a Kid Can Be a Kid ™”. That all changed a few months back, because right down the street from our home, a bright, shiny, and new location opened. My and my kids’ lives will never be the same!

*Disclaimer: This review is strictly for the North Fort Worth location. Because it is a franchise, there is definitely room for differences between locations. Be sure to call before you visit for location specifics.* 

Every time we walk into Chuck E. Cheese, my kiddos literally light up. You would think it is Christmas! There are games everywhere, bright colors, and music piping through the speakers. Because my kids are preschool age, we visit right when they open, 11am, during the week. This allows my kids to play a little more freely without being knocked over in the way of bigger kids.  Right away, an employee stamps you and your kids’ hand with an invisible ink number. This is your ticket out with your kids. (In case you are wondering, they do check to make sure the numbers match, which this mama really appreciates.)IMG_0851

After you enter, be prepared to know or figure out what you want, like  how many tokens, pizza, buffet, drinks, etc. I say be prepared, because if your kids are anything like mine, they are ready to run away to all of the shiny, sparkling games. Waiting for mom to figure out and purchase what we want is basically the same thing as pulling teeth. Before you visit, check out coupons for the Fort Worth location. They also have special deals on Mondays and Tuesdays!

After you pay, find yourself a table and settle in. There are not a lot of people at the time we visit, so we drop our bags and run around playing games. Weekends can really pick up, so consider taking a small bag you don’t mind wearing around the room if you want to stay with your kids and not leave your bag at the table. The good news is the room isn’t huge. If your kids are older, you will probably be able to let them roam and relax yourself! Sit back and catch up on a little adult coloring.

IMG_1206 2


Before we eat our pizza, we ALWAYS wipe our hands with Babyganics Wipes. This location is clean, but with a thumb sucker, we do all we can to disinfect! The pizza is not gourmet, but my kids sure don’t mind this small detail. After pizza, it is games, games games! My girls love to roam around from game to game. My youngest (19 months) cannot do most of the games but loves to watch. The almost-4-year-old can do quite a few of the games, but will grow in to many of them.

Like most entertainment venues, Chuck E. Cheese has a lot going on and can be a bit overwhelming for some kids. Every so often, Chuck E. comes out ready to entertain, and does a little dance and ticket toss for the kids to grab as many tickets as they can. On our first visit, my kids were terrified of Chuck E. However, they greatly benefitted from watching his dance and song on YouTube before returning on our next trip. In addition, the North Fort Worth location hosts a Sensory Friendly experience the first Sunday of the month from 9-11 am.Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 1.15.32 PM

If you find that your kids love Chuck E. Cheese’s so much that a birthday party is in order, you can do that! They have many different packages you can choose from. If you have ever partied at Chuck E. Cheese’s, let us know what you think!

Your Out and About Friend,


The Gist

Time and day we visited?  Monday and Friday at 11:00am

Level of crowds? Very low

Restrooms? Yes

Changing Table? Yes

Cleanliness of Bathroom? Clean and accessible

Recommended age? 1+

(for older kids you might consider Main Event- review coming soon)

Food Options? Pizza and buffet, dependant on location

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? No

Stroller friendly? Yes, however unnecessary unless you need a place for your baby to nap. Then, bring it for sure!!

Safety concerns? None (except the obvious of watching your kiddos :))

Coupons? Click here for coupons

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