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Thank you InnerActive Playhouse for sponsoring our very first Giveaway!  Two Lucky winners will win ONE FREE ADMISSION to InnerActive Playhouse and ONE FREE pair of non-skid socks. Click HERE to enter the Giveaway!

Giveaway runs May 3rd through May 5th at 12 AM CST. Winners will be announced May 5th and contacted by Out and About Friends via email and/or Facebook.

What? InnerActive Playhouse

Where? 5950 Park Vista Circle Suite 100, Keller, TX 76244

Cost? 2 and Under (Crawlers) $6.00 ($7.00 weekends/holidays)

            3 -10 years old $10.00 ($11.00 weekends/holidays)

As a mom of two very fair skinned children, the beginning of Spring reminds me that it is time to get the hats, sunscreen and long sleeved rash guards at the ready. We love to play outside but as y’all know the Texas heat can just be too much for little bodies (and the bigger bodies lugging them around)! That’s why I love an indoor playscape. No worrying about sunburns, bug bites or even the occasional pop-up thunderstorm. Thankfully, more and more of these indoor play areas are coming to the area and this one in Keller might just be my new favorite.

Is it fun?

Oh yeah! The 5,000 SF indoor facility boasts two separate playing areas, one for the younger babies, 0-2 and then the main play structure covering 2,600 SF. Additionally, there is a spinning palm ride (see pic below) and multiple party rooms. The smaller area for the youngest patrons has age appropriate soft toys and is blocked off from the other area. Employees actually enforce the rule of not allowing older kids in this area. I know, because my 3-year-old was told he had to leave the area. This was a little hard for me being on my own with two kids ages 1 and 3 but I like the fact that they enforce the rules for the safety of the babies.

The larger play area has a giant three-person wave slide, ball blaster arena (which is loud if you have kids who are sensitive to noise), tube slides, obstacle course, web net bridges and more. My kids (and I) worked up a sweat crawling and climbing through this play structure. We all had a wonderful time playing.


IMG_0961 2
My view from 3 stories up chasing after my toddler

Is it safe? 

Yes! Obviously, there are normal safety concerns that vary based on an individual child’s capabilities.  Always watch your kids and be aware of your surroundings.

The main play area has three levels of climbing, scooting, and sliding.  All of these are enclosed except for slide outputs and one wall climbing area. There is nothing more in the world I hate than seeing my adventurous daredevil looking over the edge of a two-story drop at the playground. Seriously, openings on tall play structures are not for the faint of heart.

Secondly, and in my opinion, most importantly, there is only one entry/exit to the play area. Once inside, there is an area with benches and a place to store your shoes. There is also a place to sign the waiver (do it online before you go to save time) and another small door with an attendant standing guard. At this second door, an employee gives each child and adult an invisible stamp which is checked upon exiting to ensure the correct adult and kid(s) are leaving together. Kids are not allowed to exit without an adult. I love that InnerActive Playhouse and Chuck E. Cheese both have this system in place.

Version 2
Sign reads: Toddler’s Play Area. Only Children Under 2 may play in this area.

Is it clean? 

Confession- my kids don’t know there are play areas inside Chick-fil-A. I’m sorry CFA, but I’ve always been a big freak about those fast food play areas. Yes, they’re great fun and are climate controlled, but I am so scared of the germs lurking inside those plastic tunnels.  So when I first went to the InnerActive Playhouse, I was armed with my wipes, hand sanitizer, Thieves oil and had mentally prepared myself for an outbreak of strep throat or the flu at my house.

Upon walking inside, I was pleasantly surprised! The place opened in August of 2016 and it still looks (and smells) brand new. No doubt this is due to their strict cleaning policy. Per their website, “Keep Safe and Be Clean” is a core value of the company. Every 60-90 minutes equipment is cleaned and sanitized on all exposed surfaces of the playground. Daily and monthly deep cleanings also take place. An employee even said she sanitizes stroller wheels before a stroller goes into the play area!

I’m not saying don’t take your hand sanitizer, but this place doesn’t “feel germy”.  I crawled through every tunnel and area chasing after my youngest, and the equipment looks and feels clean. Additionally, no shoes are allowed in the play area at all (even for parents), so remember to bring non-slip socks. If you forget, they have some for purchase.

Another reason it is clean is because the company does not allow any food or drinks inside the play area. There is a designated snack area where your littles may enjoy their snacks. Bottom line, I’ve been twice with both of my kids and none of us have gotten sick. In my book, that’s a win!

Your Out and About Friend,


Have you been here? What’s your favorite indoor play area?

The Gist

Time and day we visited? Friday 10 AM and Saturday 4 PM

Level of crowds? Friday-Low, Saturday- very high

Restrooms? Yes

Changing Table? Yes

Cleanliness of Bathroom? Great but on the Saturday we went the bathrooms weren’t working (quite a problem for a potty trained toddler!)

Recommended age? Crawling-6 years (IMO I think this place is more ideal for younger kids)

Food Options? Snacks and drinks for purchase

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? Yes

Stroller friendly? No- not needed

Wheelchair accessible? For an accompanying adult, Yes

Safety concerns? Yes- typical playscape safety risk

Coupons? Check out their Groupon. They also offer Toddler Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10AM-2PM for kids ages 0-5 years is half price. 



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