Oh Baby! Fitness Classes

What? Oh Baby! Fitness exercise classes. 

Where? Numerous locations throughout the DFW area.

We attended the class at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance 10864 Texas Health Trail, Fort Worth, TX 76244

Cost? Varies by class and location.  

See a full list of locations and prices here.

*This particular class and instructor is $18/class or $60 for 4 weeks

Kristen and I met at a Mommy and Me Yoga class when our first babies were 3 and 6 months old. My son was just 3 months old and I felt like I couldn’t breathe inside my house anymore. The walls were closing in and I needed out. I needed a change of scenery. I needed a Mama friend. Turns out when you’re new to being a parent, no matter how great your spouse is, how many friends you have, how often your Mom pops over to help with laundry- you feel alone. After MUCH researching on the Internet I couldn’t find many things I was allowed to take a 3-month-old to until finally, I found a Mommy and Me baby fitness class.  I don’t remember much about the actual yoga I did in that class (because my son was 3 months old and I wasn’t sleeping) but what I did find was a community of women who became some of the fastest and best friends I have ever known.  

Oh Baby! Fitness started their company for just this reason. The founder Clare Schexnyder, a former CNN producer, suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter. Needing help, she found a support group for mothers and through daily walks with these new friends, she found a sense of community and was able to fight through the sometimes harsh reality of postpartum life. Clare’s personal struggle was the inspiration behind Oh Baby! Fitness as she realized the “need for a pre/postnatal fitness program where mothers can exercise with their babies in a safe, supportive and comfortable environment.” –OhBabyFitness.com. Today, Oh Baby! Fitness is in 11 states, including several locations and classes in North Texas.

The company offers a plethora of classes for Mom and Baby including water aerobics, pilates, yoga and a stroller workout (what we attended).  There are also several prenatal classes which I highly recommend checking out if you’re expecting. Staying fit during pregnancy not only helps with labor and delivery but also increases your ability to lose the baby weight after birth.  

Shelley Wall- Oh Baby! Fitness Licensee
and Certified Personal Trainer
We attended the Stroller Workout class at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance with Shelley Wall. Not knowing what to expect I only brought my 18-month-old with my single jogging stroller. Kristen was much braver and brought both kiddos (20 months and almost 4-year-old). This class meets in the Atrium of the hospital in between the Professional Building and the Main Hospital. Shelley informed us at the start of class that this was actually the first time they had met in this enclosed and private location. I was very excited to know we were completely enclosed (minus one staircase off in the distance) and safe. The workout started and our knowledgeable (per their website, “all Oh Baby! Fitness instructors are certified in prenatal and postnatal instruction”) and friendly instructor explained the format of the class and we started moving!

The class consisted of a Tabata style training which is really great for a Mama who needs to work on getting her endurance back. In this particular class we didn’t use our strollers but rather had our kids working out with us on the mats. Kristen and I agreed it was so great to show our girls that we exercise. They usually don’t see us when we work out because they are either still asleep in the wee early morning hours, it’s nap time, or they’ve been dropped off at the gym’s Kid Care. We both believe it is important and empowering, for our girls especially, to see that we work hard at taking care of our bodies so we can be strong Mamas for them. The class is paced for new Moms and taking a break to feed, comfort or redirect baby/toddler/preschooler is completely acceptable. Shelley even offered assistance holding the young baby when she needed some comfort so her mom could keep working out. 

A few notes about this particular class:

It’s outside! This class meets at 9:30 AM (recently changed to accommodate for the hotter weather) Make sure to bring water, sunscreen and for fair skinned kids like mine who get super red just sitting in the heat, consider these Sunburn Alert Stickers. They’re great for reminding you when you need to reapply sunscreen. There is shade provided by the building walls.

Do I need a Bob? The class is called Stroller Workout but we didn’t even use our strollers for this particular class. If you want to come but don’t have a fancy jogging stroller, don’t let it stop you. I do think some classes might be more stroller involved but this class is not like other stroller stride classes I’ve seen where you are jogging around with the stroller the entire time. The website does say no umbrella strollers however so bring something that can endure a little wear and tear. If you have more specific questions about any class or location, please reach out to their staff. Everyone we have encountered has been extremely helpful and responsive. 

Your Out and About Friend,


The Gist

Time and day we visited? Monday 11 AM (class now changed to 9:30 AM) 

Level of crowds? Small class

Restrooms? Yes, inside the hospital

Changing Table? Yes, inside the hospital

Cleanliness of Bathroom? Excellent

Recommended age? 4 weeks- 4 years

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? Yes, bring water for baby and yourself. I also recommend bringing a snack for your little one.

Stroller friendly? Yes!

Safety concerns? You must be cleared by your doctor to begin working out post baby.

Coupons? Discounted rate for bundled classes.


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