Pump It Up! Fort Worth

What? Pump It Up- Fort Worth

Where? 1500 Mall Circle. Fort Worth, TX, 76116 (Very close to Ridgmar Mall)

Cost? Included in your Pogo Pass (be sure to use code: OUTANDABOUT for 60% off!)

Or, Click Here for Jump Schedule and cost per session


What has two enormous rooms PACKED with bounce houses too big to even take a great picture, birthday party rooms, and jamming tunes piping through the speakers? Answer: Pump It Up in Fort Worth! Please tell me I’m not the only one who starts humming Pump Up the Jam when you hear the name of this venue. 


We visited the Fort Worth location of Pump It Up during their Toddler Time with our Pogo Pass and wore our little ones out. (Be sure to use coupon code OUTANDABOUT for a great discount on your pass!) 

The building is tucked away in the southwest part of Fort Worth by Ridgmar Mall. When you enter, there are a few tiny, definitely-wish-I-would-have-had-my-glasses, computers for you to fill out your waiver on each participating person.  These took a few minutes to navigate, so my kids became a little restless. Finally, we scanned the Pogo Pass App on my smartphone and headed inside. You can also print out your Pogo Pass tickets if you like a paper copy in your hand.

The bounce houses are enormous! My kids were running around like crazy people, ready to jump right away, but we had to remove our shoes first. You have to wear socks, and non-slip are recommended. Then it was time to play.


  • There are two separate rooms full of bouncy fun. Each month, the bounce houses are rotated out and around to keep it interesting.
  • It was not super crowded on a weekday morning.
  • Our Pogo Pass was easy to use and we still have one visit left.
  • There is an employee monitoring the area.

Watch out for…

  • Escaping children. There is more than one exit from the bounce rooms.
  • Things left in the bounce houses. We found glow sticks and glow balls. This is not a problem necessarily for older kids, but if you have kids who put things in their mouth, beware.
  • Tears of sadness when you leave. This place is fun for sure! Have an exit strategy ready. A little Chick-fil-A encouragement works wonders for us. 😉


All in all, we had a great morning of jumping, sliding, racing and bouncing.

Your Out and About Friend,


The Gist

Time and day we visited- Friday Toddler Time (10am-12pm)

Level of crowds- Low when we went, but can get very crowded on weekends

Restrooms:  Yes

Changing Table: Yes

Cleanliness of Bathroom: Good

Food Options- No

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? None in the bounce house areas

Stroller friendly- Unnecessary, unless you bring an infant and feel comfortable staying with baby while your other kid(s) run around.

Staff supervision provided: Minimal. Someone is walking around to monitor, but they are not able to supervise the whole area at once.

Safety concerns- There are areas of blowers blocked off by mats, there is more than one entrance/exit from the lobby to the bounce areas. 

Indoor or outdoor: Indoor

Age appropriate level(s): Recommended ages are 2 to 17. I would be really cautious with a two-year-old bouncing at the same time as a 17-year-old though.

Parking: Large parking lot. Can get full because it is shared with The Texas Ballet Company.

Good for parties? Yes- view birthday party information here

What should I bring with me? Hand sanitizer!


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