Calgary Zoo (Canada)

What? Calgary Zoo

Where? 700 Memorial Dr NE, Calgary, AB T2E, Canada

Cost? $23 General Admission, $21 Seniors, $15 Child (3-15), Under 2 Free, $10 onsite parking

We are proud to publish our first international blog review! The primary focus of is DFW but we will periodically review other sites around the whole of Texas, United States and internationally. We hope that it encourages, inspires and educates you on different and exciting places to take your children. We are not fearful of taking our kids on ‘vacation’ and instead, embrace it. Is it tough? Yes! Is it tiring? OMG, yes! Is it worth it? You bet! Some of my best memories as a Mom so far. 

Calgary, Canada will be a three part review including the TELUS Spark (coming soon) as well as Above Banff, Interpretive Centre (coming soon).

The Calgary Zoo

Whether you take the Calgary Transit or park on-site at the zoo, access to the facility is easy. The subway stops at the zoo and takes you directly to an underground tunnel where you can purchase tickets. Once inside, there are a couple different directions you can head. We opted to go left towards the Penguins and then into the ‘Canadian Wild’ section after I rented a stroller at the gift shop. I was still carrying my youngest in my Tula Carrier but was definitely happy I got the stroller for the 3-year-old because there is a lot of ground to cover. Canada is similar to Texas in that it has a lot of open land.  For locals, this section of the zoo might not be super impressive but for this family from Texas, it was our favorite section. Animals in this impressive section include bears, bighorn sheep, bison, otters, elk, reindeer and a very ferocious looking wolf.

Once outside of the Canadian section you can cross over the bridge (most of the Calgary Zoo is actually on an island- read this interesting article about how the zoo saved most of its animals in the flood of 2013). This section of the zoo has several indoor buildings which serve as the enclosures for more exotic animals due to Alberta’s harsh winters. If you go anytime besides the summer, please make sure you pack your tech gloves, hats and scarves. I was here in October 2014 and November 2016 and let me tell you, Calgary is COLD. One of the best features of this zoo is that every single building has automatic doors. With a stroller, this was such a welcome change from my local zoo. Additionally, there were several clean bathrooms, including family bathrooms with nursing chairs, in almost every building. Why is America so behind on this?

In addition to the animals at the zoo, the zoo has three playground areas. The playgrounds are clearly marked and separated by appropriate age levels. Once again, I thought this was such an amazing idea to have inside of a zoo. It was a great opportunity to let both my children stretch their legs and burn some energy after riding around in the stroller and my Tula. After playing, we headed over to the cafe which to my delight serves up healthy and fresh options. I also enjoyed a Starbucks latte as a little afternoon treat to myself.

Beyond the animals and playgrounds, the zoo itself is a beauty to take in. The lush landscaping, towering trees and views of the downtown skyline are incredible. More to come in the next articles on the beauty of Canada though…

What October looks like (AKA- real Fall)

Your Out and About Friend,


The Gist

Time and day we visited? Friday 9-2 PM

Level of crowds? Low

Restrooms? Yes

Cleanliness of Bathroom? Excellent (and most included family stalls as well as nursing chairs)

Recommended age? All

Food Options? Yes

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? Snacks and water ok for kids

Stroller friendly? Yes

Safety concerns? No, beyond normal concerns of a zoo

Coupons? Discounts available here


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