Keller Rocks

If you live in Keller (or its surrounding areas) you may have spotted some colorful and shiny objects lying all over town. This year’s new Pokemon-like craze is painting and hiding rocks! These rocks are being “hidden” at parks, shopping centers, walking trails, and even a Starbucks drive-thru! We are loving this idea because A) is screen free (besides the posting pictures part) B) promotes the arts and creativity C) encourages getting out and about.  


Some examples of what people are painting (courtesy of Keller Rocks Facebook page)

How to play: Get a rock, paint it, hide it. Easy! Don’t forget to write on the back “Take or Hide, You Decide”, and Keller Rocks Facebook. People are having quite a fun time snapping pics where they hid their rocks or even posting when they find them. Make sure you join the private group on Facebook too so you can see if your rocks are found!


The first rock we found!!

Don’t live in Keller? See if your city has already created a similar Facebook group or start your own. Several cities across America are playing.

Where do I get the rocks? I had some landscape rocks in my backyard so we just used those. Obviously, don’t steal rocks from houses or businesses. You can also buy rocks at places like Home Depot, Lowe’s or Calloway’s.

What do I paint? I’ve seen some amazing pieces of artwork from some talented artists! Seriously, some of these rocks are gorgeous! Others, probably like the ones painted by my son and me, are less than amazing but still provided for almost an entire day’s worth of activity with painting, drying (one good reason for Texas heat is it sped this part up), hiding, and posting (I let him see the pic I took). He loved painting with this Crayola Washable multipack, and so did I because after all the mess he made, all of it came out of his clothes! We added some sparkle on the top of each one so they’d stand out with Martha Stewart Glitter Paint (not as easy to come out of clothes).


IMG_3161 (1)
My faceless kiddo painting our 7 rocks

Where can I hide them? The site does have some rules (mostly for liability reasons and in general they’re common sense) but besides that, have fun hiding these! My son and so many other kids in the area are loving this new craze!

Are you playing? Show us your rocks!!!

Your Our and About Friend,



**Pics are credit of the Keller Rocks official Facebook page

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