Technology Tricks, Apps and Shows We Love

I know technology with young children can be a hot topic. But in our house, we treat technology as a tool for growing, learning and enjoying. Here are a few tricks, apps, and shows that we use and love around our home!


Iphone’s Guided Access

This is a game changer! My children are allowed to use my iPad/iPhone periodically, but I ALWAYS had to watch them like a hawk. *Side note- I’m never worried about my actual hardware breaking because of the amazing OtterBox and iPad Snugg Case. Instead, my kids were accidentally (and constantly) clicking out of the app, deleting my emails and texts, taking accidental pictures, and even initiating phone calls. No, Aunt Sally, I didn’t mean to call you at 7 AM on a Saturday. 😦  

Then I met Guided Access. My heart rejoiced!

This handy, dandy Apple tool allows me to set a time limit and lock the phone so that only one app is accessible. Now, Guided Access makes sure my kids are staying in one app, and stops when the time is up. Score!

Directions on how to enable Guided Access here:

Have an Andriod? Check out this article!

Common Sense Media

I wish I had time to watch every show and view every movie before my kids wanted to try it out. But I don’t.

Meet Common Sense Media: “Common Sense is the leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. “

I read the reviews on almost every show and movie before my kids watch to get a good understanding of the content and if it is appropriate for my family. Obviously, you are the final judge of what is and is not good for your kids, but this website sure helps a parent out!


A few apps I love:

Starfall ($)- Love this! Geared toward 3+ (but my almost 2-year-old loves it too), this is basically a literacy/math gem. 

Pbs Kids Games/Shows (FREE)- Two different apps are available to either watch PBS Kids shows or play games about said shows. Safe and fun for my 2 and 4-year-old.

YT Kids (FREE)- YouTube Kids is similar to YouTube but with filters already in place to help weed out inappropriate content. Key word: HELP. I do not let my kids use this unsupervised. But, it is a great app for searching out fun videos about their favorite topics. 


A few, but definitely not all, of our favorite shows. What can I say, my kids LOVE a good show!

StoryBots (Netflix)

Daniel Tiger (Amazon Prime and PBS)

Creative Galaxy (Amazon Prime)

Super Why (Amazon Prime, PBS Kids, Netflix)

Dino Dana (Amazon Prime),

Sid the Science Kid (PBS Kids, Netflix)

Backyardigans (Amazon Prime)

Word Party (Netflix)

Luna Petunia (Netflix)

Little Einsteins (Netflix)

Veggie Tales (Netflix)

The Octonauts (Disney Jr and Netflix)


Annnndddd…if you are looking for a list of shows available in Spanish, check out Spanish Mama’s THE BEST NETFLIX SPANISH SHOWS FOR KIDS


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