Harvey Relief with Friends


We were going to write a review on an amazing park in Grapevine (will be featured next week) but decided this week, we had a more important job to do. In the past few days, so many of our Texas friends and family have lost everything! Everything! Houston is at a total standstill as people are literally riding boats, jet skis and inflatable air mattresses down major (and usually completely jammed with traffic) highways. It is surreal.

Reports of the city not recovering for 4-5 weeks are leaving Houston families with tough decisions. Many families who have lost everything are flocking to other major Texas cities, including Dallas and Fort Worth. Houstonians and other evacuees from South Texas, you are welcome! Whether you are here for a couple of days, or decide to call DFW your new home, you are welcome and you are friends!

houston 2.jpg

Many posts circulating yesterday on social media were families looking for recommendations on where to take their children for a little fun after some of the most traumatizing moments of their lives.  People who are unfamiliar with the DFW area want, and need, to get their kids out and about and having fun once again to start the healing process. Please feel free to share our site in the effort to spread information to those who are looking. Looking for fun, looking for a place to escape, looking for a place to feel normal with their kids for an hour or two.

Our website, www.outandaboutfriends.com, is broken down by the Metroplex counties (and there is even a map that might be handy for nonlocals). On our main menu, click DFW, then simply click on the county you want. Once you’re inside a county, it’s categorized into Indoor or Outdoor activities. Additionally, from our Home Page, under Cloud Category, you can simply click on any of the words that are highlighted on the right based on the adjective you’re looking for. For example, “free, inexpensive, outdoors, fun, playground”. Once you click on those words, any of our blogs that are tagged with those adjectives will pop up.

Lastly, please consider helping our Texas friends and family. Below is a list of (some) organizations that Fort Worth and Dallas are working with to help the relief and recovery efforts. The entire world is helping but WE are on the front lines. These are Moms and Dads just like us. They need our help. We are so proud to be part of and work along side our community of good hosts, neighbors, and FRIENDS.



Kristen & Tiffany

(some) Ways to help

Dallas-Fort Worth businesses hosting special promotions to benefit Hurricane Harvey relief

A Master List of Dallas Restaurants Raising Money, Supplies for Harvey Relief Efforts

Fort Worth Relief Efforts

The Texas Tribune 

Guide Live Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Efforts

Google (matching dollar for dollar what you donate- all benefitting the Red Cross)

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