Chelsea’s Tea Room & Boutique

What? Chelsea’s Tea Room

Where? 4772 Little Road, Arlington, Texas 76017


Birthday Party $255.00 for up to 10 children. Extra $15.00 each

Princess Camp $180 per week, Tuesday to Friday

Princess Dress-up Tea Party (Groupon exclusive, reservation required)

Boutique items prices vary


What do you get when you combine fingernail polish, fancy dresses, birthday cake, a runway dance party, princess crowning and quite a few young girls and boys? An amazingly fancy birthday party!


My girls were invited to a birthday party at Chelsea’s Tea Room & Boutique in Arlington and it did NOT disappoint. Like the owner Jackie says, Chelsea’s Tea Room is, “like a home party on steroids. A loving, family place that isn’t commercialized. We are here to celebrate that child’s birthday and make them feel special.” I could not agree more!! The Tea Room hosts fantastic birthday parties, Princess Camp during the summertime, Princess Dress Up Tea Playdate (available exclusively through Groupon) and one of the cutest, most reasonably priced boutiques around.



When we arrived at the Tea Room, all 15 of the (mostly 6-year-old) young ladies and a gentleman made their way to the makeup and nails station. Our party had a party guide who painted fingernails, applied a bit of blush and drew on a few mustaches. The kids enjoyed chatting with each other and drying their nails until she directed us to our next adventure.



It was time to try on different dresses. There are a ton of choices in various sizes, colors, and styles. All of the dresses are FANCY and my girls were in heaven! The choices for young children (3 and under) are limited but it was not a problem. Bowties are set up for for boys to participate in the dress up, too. Every girl was thrilled at their final choice and added accessories like fairy wings and necklaces. We found a super fancy mermaid-like outfit that made my youngest feel “fantastic!”, and a blue “really really really gorgeous gown” for my oldest. 


Once everyone was dressed, the girls made their way into the runway room to show off their look and their newly-learned princess wave. Then, they were crowned princesses by the birthday girl with a real crown they got to keep! It was precious to watch the birthday girl feel so special crowning her friends, and at the same time, each of her guests also feel just as special receiving their crown or top-hat.


Lastly, it was time for the dance party in the runway room. Our birthday attendant had all participants change out of their outfits first, to prepare for another party. Then, she asked everyone for song requests, turned on the dancing lights, and turned up the music. I have never seen so many happy kiddos sing at the top of their lungs and dance until they could dance no more. 


As we left the dance party and said goodbye to the birthday girl, my kids were a little teary. So we stopped for a few minutes and took a quick peek at the boutique. The choices alone will have me back in Arlington for a little shopping!


If you need a great little Friday afternoon playdate, a Princess Birthday Party, or a Summertime activity, be sure to check out Chelsea’s Tea Room. We LOVE to support local small businesses, and especially people like Jackie. After 26 years in business, she definitely knows how to make a birthday girl feel special and make memories that last a lifetime!

Your Out and About Friend,



The Gist

Time and day we visited? Saturday afternoon

Level of crowds? Limited to our birthday party kids (15) and their parents

Restrooms? Yes

Changing Table? Yes

Cleanliness of Bathroom? Good

Recommended age? 2 and up

Food Options? The following are included in a birthday Tea Party: Chocolate Truffles, Tiara Cookies, Princess Cake Pops, Giggle Tea, and Birthday Cake.

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? May bring in your own birthday cake in addition to the cake provided.

Stroller friendly? The tea party and dressing area will be tough. The boutique is stroller friendly.

Safety concerns? My 2-year-old fell off of her stool and off of the runway. She was fine and stronger supervision on my part would have kept this from happening.

Coupons? Groupons available for the Tea Party Playdate

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