Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch

What? The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch

Where? 5100 Cross Timbers Rd, Flower Mound, TX 75028

Cost? There is a charge for parking $5.00 for Weekdays M-F $10.00 for Weekends Saturday and Sunday. Buses are $1.00 per person, however, ALL ACTIVITIES ARE FREE


The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch (FMPP) was one of the local pumpkin patches that our readers voted as a top pick in DFW. Both Kristen and I had never been so, after reading your responses, we immediately headed up to Flower Mound to check it out. I can see why so many patrons make this patch a family tradition in October! FMPP offers loads of fall family fun for free (minus parking, food and pumpkin purchases)!!

*I do think it’s worth reading my review as I had some concerns after visiting with my two small children.*

Character Cut Outs and Picture Opps: This patch is in the “country” and it just screams, “Good old-fashioned family fun”. It’s what you envision when you think of a Texas fall farm. Upon arrival, you’ll notice all the cartoon cutouts. This alone was worth the 30-minute drive for my family. Rows and rows of your children’s favorite characters line the front of the farmhouse for optimal picture settings. With everything from Elmo to the Hulk, your kids will not be disappointed. There are other more traditional fall settings with hay bales and pumpkins for those obligatory fall pumpkin patch picture. *NOTE- I do not recommend this pumpkin patch as a place to bring your children wearing expensive or hot clothes for pictures. If you do, bring a change of clothes for after pictures. This pumpkin patch offers WAY more than just picture opportunities and your kids will no doubt get dirty playing.


Hayride, Bounce Houses, Playgrounds, Hay Bale Maze: The FMPP is certainly not just a place to buy pumpkins for your front porch. This massive farm has several activities suited for many ages. All the activities are FREE, so once you’re inside there is no need to worry about spending more money or telling your kids they can’t participate in an activity due to the cost. There are several bounce houses, two hay bales mazes, a hayride, several playground areas, and more! You will even find several picnic benches where you can eat packed lunches or purchase food on the spot. Depending on the day of the week and time of day, certain food vendors might be closed or absent. BRING CASH as they don’t take cards.


My concerns: I will start this section with a disclaimer. My (active) children are 2 and 4. Their talents include, but are not limited to, independent exploring, running quickly and selective hearing. All that being said, I was there with my husband and another adult and we had a hard time keeping up with the kids (and it was a weekday at 10 am).

There are two different areas in this pumpkin patch: the area with characters, farmhouse and food, and then there is the rest of the farm, where the pumpkins and all other activities can be found. To get from one side to the other there is a crossing with vehicles passing through. An attendant is there to help with crossing, but please be aware I saw several toddlers darting across alone.

This is the crossing between the two sides of the pumpkin patch




My second concern is the hay maze. There are TWO hay mazes. One is for 5 and under (this is near the farmhouse) and the other is for ages 4-12. Both mazes are marked in red letters as to the appropriate ages. That being said, my son (newly 4) and his buddy (also newly 4) ran into the big maze with no warning to their Mamas. In a panic, we tried to call them out, but they were already inside. Thankfully, there is a perch where onlookers can see the entire maze below. I am here to tell you, you cannot see where your kids are from this vantage point. After several minutes of worrying, I darted inside the maze, clearly marked NO ADULTS, but…Mama Bear. I found one of the kids and he was promptly lifted over the hay (also a No No). I still couldn’t find my son so I moved along on my hands and knees screaming his name. I soon had a task force of about 3-5 preschoolers calling out my son’s name in our rescue mission. The maze is long, tricky, dark and there are several tunnels where you cannot see daylight above. I encountered two small girls who were crying and completely paralyzed in fear for not knowing how to get out. I reassured them I’d help and we tried to find our way to the exit. It was scary. It was dark. It was confusing. Caveat- I don’t have claustrophobia but I think I probably do now.  Please know your children’s capabilities before you allow them to enter. Please also monitor the entrance as there is no one guarding it. Oh and don’t worry- my son found the exit all on his own and was totally fine. SMH.




The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch offers family fun for the whole family. I would definitely recommend this as a fun fall outing. Just be prepared for crowds as well as the safety concerns I mentioned above. I think this is an ideal Pumpkin Patch for kiddos aged 6-12. Happy Pumpkin Hunting!

Your Out and About Friend,


The Gist

Day and time we visited- Friday 10 am-noon

Level of crowds– High

Restrooms- Porta Potty (see pic below)

Changing Table- Yes (see pic below)


Cleanliness of Bathroom- Porta Potty quality- actually pretty decent (*start of season and early in the day)

Recommended age- All* see blog for details on specific age warnings

Food Options- Yes. Food trucks, depending on day and time. Nachos, hot dogs and snow cones were available when we were there so I was happy I packed lunches.

Allowed to bring in food and beverages- Yes (see pic below)

Stroller friendly– Somewhat (it’s rugged terrain and there is cow(?) poop in the parking lot (grass field) (see pic below)


Staff supervision provided- Minimal

Safety concerns- Yes

Member discounts or deals- No

Coupons/Discounts- No


One comment

  1. This is the coolest place!! We brought our specially challenged students and they loved it. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. I would highly recommend it to anybody, especially anybody with kids. The hayride was fun, the walking around had interesting, fun stuff to see.


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