Boo at the Zoo (Fort Worth)

What? Boo at the Zoo (Fort Worth Zoo)

Where? 1989 Colonial Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76110

Cost? Buy tickets here. Zoo Members get free admittance to this event

Adults (13+) $14
Children (3 to 12) $10
Toddlers (2 & younger)   FREE
Seniors (65+) $10
Parking (per vehicle) $5


The 2017 Boo at the Zoo is this weekend (Oct 27-29)! As one of the Fort Worth Zoo’s most popular fall attractions, this event is a highly anticipated tradition for many families in the Metroplex. Complete with candy, carnival games, crafts, shows and oh…animals, this family outing is sure not to disappoint! Grab your costume and join in on the fun this weekend.

What is at Boo at the Zoo?

Boo at the Zoo is the normal Fort Worth Zoo (all normal attractions still open) but totally decked out for Halloween. With entry, members and paying guests alike receive 6 coupons. You will redeem these coupons for 4 pieces of mixed candy at different trick-or-treating stations around the zoo. More coupons can be purchased inside if you desire. Your kiddos will receive a plastic bag but if you want, you may bring in your own candy bag. Beyond the candy stations, the zoo is filled with other exciting attractions such as carnival games, crafts and there are even characters dressed up and walking around for fun photo opportunities.  Even the rides get a fun makeover for the event, don’t miss the Kooky Carousel (in Texas) which runs backward for this special weekend. Tickets are $3 for guests and $2 for members and can be purchased at the nearby ticket counter. Be sure to check out the full calendar for a list of all the events are times.

Is it worth going?


The Good- I’ve been a Zoo Member for four years and a Fort Worthian for almost my entire life and last year was the first and only year I’ve been. I dressed up my kids in their partial costumes (because it was almost 90 degrees last year!!!) and hoped for the best. My kids loved dressing up in costumes, seeing animals eat the pumpkins, playing carnival games, getting candy (of course!) and riding the carousel backward. We missed all the shows in the Special Events Pavillions but would love to go back and make those a priority. I would say my biggest advice is to go in with a game plan and try to stick to it. I would also say, if you’re really doing this for the Halloween experience, skip the animals and come back for that on a different day. Head to the left of the zoo, towards Texas for most events. Below is a link to a map for the event. I highly suggest looking at it before you go.

Click here for the Boo at the Zoo map and handout.

The Bad- When we arrived around 10 am the parking lot was already completely packed. Be aware there is overflow parking across the street in a field. If you have to park over there, be prepared for a “long” walk. I say long loosely. It’s probably half a mile or less but with kids and their STUFF, it can be long if you’re carrying everything. If you bring a stroller, make sure it’s a sturdy one. Before entering we picked up our candy coupons. If you are a member, normally you can glide right into the entrance, but since we had to collect our coupons at the Member Services desk, there was a bit of a line. Once inside I could tell this was going to be a very busy visit. Normally on a Friday it’s not too crowded and I allow my kids to walk around. On this day, I had them belted in their strollers for most of the time. If you want to do regular zoo stuff don’t come on this day, I mean…head to the right half of the zoo. There are far less Halloween activities in the sections with the Primates and African animals. If you are agoraphobic, this is also an event you might consider skipping. At one point I couldn’t even move my stroller because the crowds were so large. Likewise, the Special Events Pavillion has a ton of different activities and shows, but as can be expected, can also get a bit crowded.

Happy Halloween!
Your Out and About Friend,


What is your child going to be for Halloween this year?


The Gist

Time and day we visited? Friday around 10am (2016)

Level of crowds? Very High

Restrooms? Yes

Cleanliness of Bathroom? Good

Recommended age? All

Food Options? Yes

Allowed to bring in food and beverages? Lunch, Snacks and drinks are all allowed

Stroller friendly? Yes

Safety concerns? None beyond normal awareness of a zoo

Coupons? Zoo Members receive free admittance to this event


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