Meet The Team


Kristen is one of the founding members of She lives in Fort Worth with her husband, kids and little pup.  In 2013, their first baby girl was born, and then a second girl in 2015.  Their home is busy, loud and full of sparkle!

When she used to stay out past 10pm (aka her 20s), Kristen graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, and then taught elementary school for eight years before staying home with her children. Kristen is involved in the Fort Worth community, loves finding new places, and strives to support local businesses.


Tiffany is the other founding member of She is not a native Fort Worthian, but has been here since she was six, so might as well be. In 2008, while living in Dallas, Tiffany met her husband who had just moved to Texas from the United Kingdom. The couple had their first son in 2013 and then a baby girl in 2015. 

Before staying at home, the Texas A&M graduate was previously a teacher and in commercial real estate. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her friends and watching The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (on DVR of course because her bedtime is 10PM).